GIALLOROSSA MERANO – un amore che non finisce „mai“

Our 10th anniversary year draws slowly to a close, and sadly this period has, to put it mildy, not gone well. We love to look back at the glory days in Pala. With pyro, smoke, strobos and wild, unchallenged displays every single Friday, a perfect start to the much anticipated weekend. Wonderful years before promotion to the Serie B and the move into the hall, and the changes that those two aspects brought about.
In the beginning, the move didnt appear to have a negative effect on our support and membership numbers. However, slowly but surely, time-served members (important to our existence and good friends) started to leave the group. Some missed the party atmosphere of the Pala era, something that failed to reoccur in the hall. Others moved abroad, or work got in way.
There is one thing I want to make clear at this stage. This is in no way a cricitism of those members who made the terrace what it was for so many years, but who have now found a new direction. Without them, without us, we would never have experienced the good times we had.
Nevertheless, many older members will have recognised that their Brigata wouldn’t be around much longer, as the void left was almost impossible to fill. Today with a heavy heart, we must admit that this fear, for better or for worse, has now become reality. The reasons why are easy to sum up.
On the one hand, the core of the group was made up of one(!) big group of friends, which was fundamental to the friendly atmosphere and wonderful moments. This meant, however, that the group was less attractive for new potential members, as feeling part of things seemed more difficult when confronted with what could have appeared to have been a „clique“. On the other hand, many of our members didnt become part of the ultra scene through an initial interest in football, but rather were drawn to it through the friendly atmosphere within the group and the prospect of „heillousn Keil“ on a weekend and the legendary „Oscholtfaktor“ at the edge of the pitch. The result was that the hardcore started to break up, and it wasn’t possible, naturally with the odd exception, to recruit new, motivated members – something fanscenes normally do to cope with churn within a group. For this reason, after long, intensive discussions, we decided to place group activities on ice for an undefined period of time.
This decision was extremely painful, and wasn’t one that was easy to make. Those who attend matches though must however understand why. In recent times, it wasnt that seldom that our friends from Obermais were in greater numbers! And that was when we were playing at home! In our own hall! Thats not how we want our group to be remembered. As a result, we decided to call it a day in our 10th year of existence, so that the memory of our group is preserved.
On behalf of our group, I would like to thank our friends from the Spar town, without whom we would surely have given up sooner. Thank you for everything Curva Sud! Likewise, all of us look back fondly on the drunken exploits with our friends from Innsbruck, Vienna and Dornbirn. Thanks lads and lasses – we love you!
So, back to the topic at hand. We want to conclude things in suitable surroundings, therefore at the first play-off game of our red and yellow heroes, we plan to exit with a bang. We invite everyone to join us, draw the group to a close, but with one final unforgettable chapter! The match is on the 16th April. Further details will follow, but we currently envisage the following plan:
  • Approx. 13:00: Meeting in the Hall – with free beer!
  • 16:00: Match starts with a choreo and the kind of support to match the occasion– with „tamisch viel Hoss!“
  • After the final whistle: march to Pala and a little bit of pyro (goodbye photo with the banner „10 Anni BGR“)
  • As our „Ost-West“ Club isn’t available, we will look for an alternative (the search is proving tough at the moment though)
  • If we can’t find a suitable location, we will find a suitable pub in the spar town!

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