New member: Brigada Azul Crema

We welcome Brigada Azul Crema as a new member of our network who joined us on the Alerta! meeting in Prague. The following section describes the group.

A group of fans met in 2005. We were without a real name. We were skinheads & punks who had been connected within the stands of Ritual del Kaoz (48 sector).  Many of them had been members since 1999 when Ritual del Kaoz was founded. In 2005 we decided to form an internal group to support Club América. From this time on we not only were a bunch of friends we also were a group dealing with the same problems (to work for family, to study, got a job). At this point in time we were 60% of our today’s size. In certain phases we were the only standing minority and more or less the head of the terraces.  In 2009 we established a name for ourselves: BRIGADA AZUL CREMA,  From then on our name stands for organized support of our Club and a radical way of life as skinheads or punks acting out of deep anti-fascist convictions.   Before we took the name Brigada Azul Crema others called us ”the balds” (skins), but we didn’t like that they generalize us in such a way as not all of our members were skinheads, so we decided to use the new name of the group. When we are in the stands we do not only supporter the team, we do it from an antifascist/anti-racist point of view.  We have done a lot of stuff inside and outside terraces like Antifa/Antiracists campaigns, Anti-homophobie campaigns, propaganda and banners. That’s our way of life and we are proud of that. Please feel free to join our group to be at the latest level about the club.  We wish to express our solidarity with all the Ultrà groups that share our belief.

We are fighting together!

AZUL CREMAS supporters