Zomia the alternative caravan site in Hamburg!

In Hamburg there are at the moment six alternative caravan sites. While those in Altona, Eimsbüttel and Barmbek-North are enjoying broad public and legal acceptance, “Zomia” based in an industrial area in Wilhelmsburg has serious trouble and is facing conviction. Though there are no other plans with the plot of land where the site is located, the squatters are about to be chased away by riot police and city council anytime. All this is happening in the days of the 9th anniversary of the conviction of legendary caravan site “Bambule” in St. Pauli. This conviction on November 4th 2002 caused many protest rallies and riots, most of them taking place after home matches of FC St. Pauli.
The existence of the other alternative caravan sites is proving that the problem is not a legal one. The problem can be named: Head of central city council “Sheriff” Markus Schreiber, famous for his antisocial politics. Hardliner Schreiber has been running a private war against alternative concepts and ideas of living, homeless and poor people, and last but not least alternative caravan sites. This autumn he became even more famous and hated by setting up a fence under a St. Pauli bridge. The bridge has been sheltering homeless people for decades until Sheriff Schreiber decided to get rid of them. After broad public excitement and protest and after even his own party and brothers-in-crime stopped backing him, the fence was removed after a short period of time.
Nevertheless he never reflected his actions and kept on fighting for his antisocial believes. Facing the “Zomia” squatters, he made clear that their site would never be accepted and that he wanted them to disappear. He stated that he would do anything to chase them out of “his” area of responsibility.
We called all St. Pauli supporters to state their opposition against his plans and politics of expulsion. Inside the stadium as well as in the streets: Right after the home match against Greuther Fürth a demonstration for “Zomia” took place. Due to attacks by police forces, the march unfortunately didn’t make its way into the inner city of Hamburg. The ruling parties clearly don’t want any protest in their posh shopping areas, so it is quite obvious that these police attacks didn’t happen accidently.
On November 21st a last petition of “Zomia” residents was turned down by Hamburg Parliament, so eviction can happen any time. As a reaction some “Zomia” people and supporters squatted another place in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. Riot police showed up quickly in massive numbers and heavily equipped. The squatters didn’t risk a fight they would have lost anyway and moved their trailers, trucks and caravans towards St. Pauli building a motorized protest rally.

Nobody knows how the whole story will go on and where it will end. There are only two things that are for sure: Sheriff Schreiber and his troops will keep on eliminating anything that doesn’t fit into their idea of a posh, clean and economized Hamburg. And that we will keep on fighting them. We’ll keep you updated.

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In Hamburg gibt es derzeit sechs Wagenplätze, doch während die Plätze in
Altona, Eimsbüttel oder Barmbek-Nord sich breiter Akzeptanz erfreuen,
hat der im Wilhelmsburger Industrieviertel gelegene Platz „Zomia“ gerade
massive Probleme und sieht sich mit der Räumungsankündigung konfrontiert.
Obwohl es keine Bebauungspläne oder anderweitig geplante Nutzungen für
die Fläche gibt, müssen die Bewohner/innen ab dem 4.11.2011, dem neunten
Jahrestag der Bambuleräumung, ihrerseits mit einer Räumung des Platzes
Die anderen Bauwagenplätze in Hamburg zeigen klar, dass das Problem
nicht ein gesetzliches ist, sondern einzig und allein der Bezirkssheriff
Markus Schreiber und seine rigorose Unsozialpolitik.
Markus Schreiber befindet sich seit über zehn Jahren in einem
persönlichen Streifzug gegen Bauwagenplätze, so war er auch schon am
4.11.2002 unter der Regierung Schill an der Räumung von Bambule beteiligt.

Schreiber, der zuletzt wegen des Anti-Obdachlosen Zauns unter der
Kersten-Miles-Brücke in der Öffentlichkeit für Empörung gesorgt hat, gab
den Wagenbewohner/innen in einem Gespräch unmissverständlich zu
verstehen das er ihre Wohnform in keinster Weise akzeptiert oder
toleriert und er alles daran setzen wird den Wagenplatz aus „seinem“
Bezirk zu vertreiben.
Wir riefen alle Sankt Pauli-Fans dazu auf, bereits im Stadion gegen die
Räumung, gegen Markus Schreiber und vor allem gegen seine
Vertreibungspolitik zu protestieren!

Nach dem Spiel kam es zu einer Demonstration die von der Polizei
angegriffen wurde und somit nicht die Innenstadt erreichte.

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