Brigata Giallorossa: FREEDOM FOR AWAY GAMES!

antifaBGR final

Following various „complications“ with the fash from Dosson (TV) in the last few seasons, further disturbances were expected at this year’s away game – obviously it’s well known that NO-ONE follows there team away to Meran. Nevertheless we organised a bus, so that we could support our team with a suitable mass of supporters and style, and to show our distain for the aforementioned rightwing divs. However a few days before the game we received several telephone calls from club staff asking us to not travel, so as to avoid further trouble. After much consideration we decided to turn down this appeal and travel regardless. Preparations for the departure didn’t get far though. The following day the Meran State Police threated each and every one of us with a “DaSpo” if we were to travell to the venue in Dosson. A “DaSpo” (Divieto di Accedere alle manifestazioni SPOrtive) involves a stadium banning order, as well as the obligation to register yourself by the Meran State Police every matchday, a situation that makes supporting the yellow and reds almost impossible. Were several of these rulings handed out to our members, it would also threaten the existence of the Brigata.
We would like to highlight the fact, that travel to an away match has now been banned due to minor disturbances at previous matches, whereas right wing chants and fascist salutes appear to draw absolutely no punishment or consequence whatsoever – a sad, and unfortunately long running state of affairs.

With this in mind: Thank you to the Italian state, you rotten piece of shit. FREEDOM FOR AWAY GAMES! TRASFERTE LIBERE!

German, Italian and English text: http://brigatagiallorossa05.blogspot.de/2014/02/auswartsverbot-trasferta-vietata-010214.html

CameDosson-G.A. Bubi // March 2011-12 Serie B