8th Antiracist Tournament Sankt Pauli


In the end, organizers, participants and visitors were unanimous: The 8th Antira Sankt Pauli was a great success. It was held from 30 May to 1 June in Millertor Stadium.

The tournament had different winners: For men it was a mixed team of Ultrà Sankt Pauli and Green Brigade.
In the women’s the teams of Republica Internationale (Leeds) and the Easton Cowgirls (Bristol) separated in the final with a friendly draw. The game of Antira All-Stars against FC Lampedusa on Saturday afternoon was also very important.

We were very happy about a guest from Sweden: Showan from Malmö. He was invaded by Nazis in March this year and he is seriously injured. He took the opportunity to travel to the tournament to Hamburg.

But not only football was played over the three days. The entire event was marked by networking. Numerous workshops with fans and ultras from all over Europe, Israel and Turkey took place. All of us were able to exchange our experiences and activities. Central topics were the rise of the right wing in Europe, the role of football fans in social conflicts and the displacement of fan groups who work against discrimination in the stands. During the weekend it was the anniversary of the outbreak of Gezi protests in Turkey. The Turkish comrades hold a very moving memorial speech for those who were killed.

An impressive sign was set by the participants with the big march towards anti-racist concert in the Rote Flora on Saturday. It stood for the political solidarity of European anti-racist football fans with the Rote Flora in Hamburg.

Because of the positive feedback it will be discussed to maintain the one-day football break in future tournaments and to focus more on the content of the framework program. In addition the organizers want to increase the number of women’s teams at the tournament and further enhance networking among female participants in the Antira as well as in the European anti-fascist ultrà network Alerta!