Vamos Bien: Call for international solidarity


Vamos Bien calls for international solidarity  with Amedspor’s ultras group Barikat from all Antifa groups overall Europe. –

Turkey is getting through a political chaos, due to street wars happening in eastern Turkey. After peace process collapsed, government started a new phase of war in the whole country.

Now,  we are facing with this new phase in the stadiums. Amedspor, a team from Diyarbekir (Amed is the Kurdish name of the city), played against Istanbul Basaksehir, a team backed by government. Even with the 3 division difference between two clubs, first game ended with a draw even with the 2 red cards of Amedspor. On 28th of January, the second leg of the match-up took place in Istanbul and we attended the game as Vamos Bien also with our friendly group Barikat from Amedspor (Barricade in Turkish).

Before the match, in addition to the traditional precautions, they asked supporters’ Identity numbers, they checked two times from shoes to deeps of your clothes. Inside of the stadium, there were riot-polices in everywhere included the away supporters’ watching areas. During the match, we were with special ‘sport bureau’ employees of police next to our seats. In the match, in addition to the great effort by the referee to stop amazing play by Amedspor, referees didn’t end the match until Basaksehir scored the second goal in the extra times to catch equality. After this score, two Basaksehir players came in front of Amedspor supporters and made a formal military salute to us. These salute was in purpose of tensing us up.

After the match, police made us waited inside of a narrow corridor and pushed us more and more. After waiting for a while, they allowed us to leave stadium one by one. We realized the reason behind that was to check the faces of fans and put us under arrest. Now, tens of our friends have taken into custody. Surprisingly, they are not in the sport bureau of police, but counter-terror branch. Against all rights according to the law, the members of Barikat has been faced with violence by the police. They have been charged with “traitor to the state, membership of terorist organisations”. Members of Barikat has always been sensitive about one fact: Supporting only football team Amedspor, no direct slogans that can be used for provocation.

This shows us the pressure of police will increase against us who follows hopes in peace in the country. We know that the police and the government were offended by the chant we sang during the game; “If kids weren’t be dying, they could come to games!”

Freedom for Barikat members! Freedom for Ultras!
– Vamos Bien – Fenerbahçe Ultras, Istanbul


Sankt Pauli Alerta Action Day „Refugees Welcome“



Dear Sankt Pauli Fans,

that St. Pauli stands shoulder to shoulder with the refugees within the group „Lampedusa in Hamburg“ became abundantly clear, at the very latest, following the Sandhausen match. Nevertheless it is important that we do not allow our support for them to fade away. With this in mind, we have decided to make the match against Cottbus (11th November 2013) an Alerta Action-Day under the message of „Refugees welcome“. Make sure this message is there for all to see in the Stadium. Bring flags, paint banners and get songs and chants going!
Because solidarity also means understanding, we have planned a second part of the Action-Day for Tuesday evening. We have invited a representative from the group of refugees to attend this event, to tell more about the situation, as well as answering any questions on the subject. We will also be showing the film „Lampedusa auf St. Pauli“ by Rasmus Gerlach.
So come along on Monday the 11th November 2013 (for the second half), bring plenty of banners etc to the match, take part in the Action-Day and come to the Information Event in the “Fanräume“ on the 12th November 2013 at 19:00 hours.

No-one is illegal!

Liebe Sankt Paulianer_innen,

dass St.Pauli hinter den Flüchtlingen der Gruppe „Lampedusa in Hamburg“ steht ist nach dem Sandhausen Spiel mehr als deutlich geworden. Trotzdem ist es nun wichtig, dass unser Engagement nicht abebbt. Aus diesem Grund rufen wir zum Spiel gegen Cottbus zu einem Alerta Actionday unter dem Motto „Refugees welcome“ auf. Macht das Thema an diesem Tag in der zweiten Halbzeit (Montag 🙁 ) im Stadion präsent. Bringt Fahnen mit, malt Tapeten und stimmt Gesänge an.

Weil Solidarität auch heißt, dass mensch sich kennt haben wir für den nachfolgenden Dienstagabend den zweiten Teil des Actionday geplant. Dazuhaben wir aus den Reihen der Flüchtlinge eingeladen, um sowohl über die aktuelle Situation zu berichten, als auch Fragen über die Flucht beantworten zu können. Außerdem werden wir vorher den Film „Lampedusaauf St.Pauli“ von Rasmus Gerlach zeigen, welcher auch Vorort sein wird. Kommt also am Montag, den 11.11.13 mit zahlreichen Materialien zum Spiel und nehmt am Actionday teil und schaut am Dienstag, den 12.11.13 ab 19:00Uhr bei der Infoveranstaltung in den Fanräumen vorbei.

Kein Mensch ist illegal


Hamburg – the Gate to the World, not the Fortress Europe

Deeply concerned, a lot of us see several hundred African refugees being left behind by the City of Hamburg for weeks. We, a group of supportes of the FC St. Pauli, are willing to gather our powers to help these refugees with their struggle for a save stay in Hamburg and a better life.
For a long time the Hamburg Senate fails in its responsibility of being the government of one of the richest cities in Europe and support those people who fled from a civil war with little more than their own lives.

That is not our Hamburg!

Whatever we can do, we will help. Therefore we urge all Hamburg citizens to get up and join us. At the moment, we are networking with the refugees themselves, with antiracist initiatives, with the churches, and with other important institutions to build up a proper plan. All you people who don’t turn a blind eye to the fate of the refugees should follow these wires. We will shortly name the possibilities how you can show your solidarity and support.
We also ask the intitutions and comittees of the FC St. Pauli itself to help where the people concerned and the supporters need it.

No one is illegal!

More information:


Information about Istanbul riots and football fans unite!

Dear comrades,

As you may know, Istanbul has been on fire since last monday. Since government-supporter media(„assholes“ as Kurt Vonnegut said) has been ignoring the riot, it would be so helpful if you spread our word among footbal fans over Europe.

It all started as defending a little park in Taksim called Gezi Parki (they are trying to shopping mall and residence here for big companies). After police and the prime minister Erdogan’s dictatorship-like speech, with all colours of people started a riot in Taksim and then it spread to Kadikoy and other cities.

We are minority but we still have a dream about country.

Good news, all rival football teams‘ supporters united and took the leadership with political movements along the riots. VamosBien called all Fenerbahce fans to barricades and thousands of fans came.

We came from barricades for a little rest and we are turning to barricades again soon.

So please spread our word ampng your newtwork using these tags and website:

#occupygezi #direngeziparki


United we stand, divided we fall,

Salute from Istanbul,



For football without racism!

Statement regarding events that took place prior to the match between 1.
FC Union Berlin and FC Sankt Pauli

On the 15th March 2013, fans of the belorusian side Partizan Minsk
attended the match between 1. FC Union Berlin and FC Sankt Pauli at the
Alten Försterei stadium. It was the first evening of a Germany-wide
friendship and solidarity tour for Partizan Minsk, which had been
organised by fan groups from Berlin, Hamburg, Babelsberg and Leipzig.
The guests from the Belorusian capital had just arrived in Berlin. Union
Berlin, in an act of kindness, had even provided free tickets for the
fans, so that they could attend the second division match. The visitors‘
and our own excitement was huge. After all we wanted to spend the
evening together, and what better way, than accompanied by a good game
of football? Unfortunately it did not work out this way.
On the way to the ground, Berlin residents mingled and chatted happily
with the visiting fans from Hamburg and Minsk. No segregation or an
escort for the group of fans was offered on their arrival at the
tramstop Köpenick. Nor would it have been necessary. The visitors were
in a relaxed mood, and despite the long journey, were looking forward
getting into the ground to enjoy the atmosphere. This changed only as
the visitors and some of the organisers of the friendship and solidarity
tour reached the ground.
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