New Alerta groups

We are happy to announce that four new members have just joined the Alerta Network at the last meeting in Hamburg.


Ultras Trenčín (Trenchtown Gangsters) were formed in 2005, when a new generation of young punks and skins took control of the terraces. We took inspiration from the tradition of ultra groups in Europe and Slovakia, but we made sure not to promote xenophobia or racism, as the stands at most clubs at the time were, and still in many cases are, dominated by far-right groups.

Since our start, we have been open about our anti-fascist stance. We have made numerous antifascist ties and took part in various anti-racist events. This, of course, attracted the attention of the fascist and nazi-hooligan groups in Slovakia and confrontations became a regular thing.

Apart from our members taking part in various antifascist and political activities, as a group we co-organize a regular tournament/antifascist event – UAFA CUP. It started as an ad-hoc benefit to help fund Partizan Minsk in 2012, but it has grown into a regular annual, international event. Football, concerts, politics, discussions all mix at this benefit event, which is used to fund various social causes and projects.

Over the years, we have had to face problems with our club almost going bankrupt, confrontations with fascist and problems with the FA. We are now in our eleventh year of existence, we are still keeping strong and staying antifascist as the only relevant supporters group in Slovakia.


White Angels Zagreb or in Croatian “Bijeli Anđeli Zagreb”

The name is first mentioned in 1989 and is officially registered in 2000. But the generation that become 100% Antifa and Antira started going in matches around 2006.

There are three generations of WA. First one from 1989-1996. That one was just like all other group in Croatia during the war. We even had some members of BBB in the crew then. Numbers then were around 50. So the group was pretty much nationalized with a lot of Croatia flags.

Then the second generation came around 1999 and we founded the fan-club.

In 2002 our club won the first league and our numbers went to 200. After that football mafia entered the club and started their robbing and destroying the club that lasts even until today.

Around 2006 the third generation started its path, with a lot of punks, skins and other alternative scene members. Then we started to send Antifa messages. Soon local AFA people started to go to the stands, So now we are a group of around 35 and we support our own fan owned club called ZAGREB 041. Club is founded on 01.12.2014 and is comlitly fan owned and run and it plays in croatia 7th division. First and only antifa and antira club in croatia and ex-yugoslavia


Ultras Sakhnin 03

Antifascist action group

Ultras Sakhnin was formed in 2003 by supporters of FC Bnei Sakhnin – the only Arabic team within the Israeli Football first division.


Barflies United Praha

BARFLIES are Barovi Povaleci/Rude Boys Bohemians (Prague) & St. Pauli Skinheads (Hamburg) who love Bohemians 1905, FC St. Pauli, beer and fun and hate nazi scum! SOMETIMES ANTISOCIAL, ALWAYS ANTIFASCIST!



GIALLOROSSA MERANO – un amore che non finisce „mai“

Our 10th anniversary year draws slowly to a close, and sadly this period has, to put it mildy, not gone well. We love to look back at the glory days in Pala. With pyro, smoke, strobos and wild, unchallenged displays every single Friday, a perfect start to the much anticipated weekend. Wonderful years before promotion to the Serie B and the move into the hall, and the changes that those two aspects brought about.
In the beginning, the move didnt appear to have a negative effect on our support and membership numbers. However, slowly but surely, time-served members (important to our existence and good friends) started to leave the group. Some missed the party atmosphere of the Pala era, something that failed to reoccur in the hall. Others moved abroad, or work got in way.
There is one thing I want to make clear at this stage. This is in no way a cricitism of those members who made the terrace what it was for so many years, but who have now found a new direction. Without them, without us, we would never have experienced the good times we had.
Nevertheless, many older members will have recognised that their Brigata wouldn’t be around much longer, as the void left was almost impossible to fill. Today with a heavy heart, we must admit that this fear, for better or for worse, has now become reality. The reasons why are easy to sum up.
On the one hand, the core of the group was made up of one(!) big group of friends, which was fundamental to the friendly atmosphere and wonderful moments. This meant, however, that the group was less attractive for new potential members, as feeling part of things seemed more difficult when confronted with what could have appeared to have been a „clique“. On the other hand, many of our members didnt become part of the ultra scene through an initial interest in football, but rather were drawn to it through the friendly atmosphere within the group and the prospect of „heillousn Keil“ on a weekend and the legendary „Oscholtfaktor“ at the edge of the pitch. The result was that the hardcore started to break up, and it wasn’t possible, naturally with the odd exception, to recruit new, motivated members – something fanscenes normally do to cope with churn within a group. For this reason, after long, intensive discussions, we decided to place group activities on ice for an undefined period of time.
This decision was extremely painful, and wasn’t one that was easy to make. Those who attend matches though must however understand why. In recent times, it wasnt that seldom that our friends from Obermais were in greater numbers! And that was when we were playing at home! In our own hall! Thats not how we want our group to be remembered. As a result, we decided to call it a day in our 10th year of existence, so that the memory of our group is preserved.
On behalf of our group, I would like to thank our friends from the Spar town, without whom we would surely have given up sooner. Thank you for everything Curva Sud! Likewise, all of us look back fondly on the drunken exploits with our friends from Innsbruck, Vienna and Dornbirn. Thanks lads and lasses – we love you!
So, back to the topic at hand. We want to conclude things in suitable surroundings, therefore at the first play-off game of our red and yellow heroes, we plan to exit with a bang. We invite everyone to join us, draw the group to a close, but with one final unforgettable chapter! The match is on the 16th April. Further details will follow, but we currently envisage the following plan:
  • Approx. 13:00: Meeting in the Hall – with free beer!
  • 16:00: Match starts with a choreo and the kind of support to match the occasion– with „tamisch viel Hoss!“
  • After the final whistle: march to Pala and a little bit of pyro (goodbye photo with the banner „10 Anni BGR“)
  • As our „Ost-West“ Club isn’t available, we will look for an alternative (the search is proving tough at the moment though)
  • If we can’t find a suitable location, we will find a suitable pub in the spar town!

German and Italian version


Vamos Bien: Call for international solidarity


Vamos Bien calls for international solidarity  with Amedspor’s ultras group Barikat from all Antifa groups overall Europe. –

Turkey is getting through a political chaos, due to street wars happening in eastern Turkey. After peace process collapsed, government started a new phase of war in the whole country.

Now,  we are facing with this new phase in the stadiums. Amedspor, a team from Diyarbekir (Amed is the Kurdish name of the city), played against Istanbul Basaksehir, a team backed by government. Even with the 3 division difference between two clubs, first game ended with a draw even with the 2 red cards of Amedspor. On 28th of January, the second leg of the match-up took place in Istanbul and we attended the game as Vamos Bien also with our friendly group Barikat from Amedspor (Barricade in Turkish).

Before the match, in addition to the traditional precautions, they asked supporters’ Identity numbers, they checked two times from shoes to deeps of your clothes. Inside of the stadium, there were riot-polices in everywhere included the away supporters’ watching areas. During the match, we were with special ‘sport bureau’ employees of police next to our seats. In the match, in addition to the great effort by the referee to stop amazing play by Amedspor, referees didn’t end the match until Basaksehir scored the second goal in the extra times to catch equality. After this score, two Basaksehir players came in front of Amedspor supporters and made a formal military salute to us. These salute was in purpose of tensing us up.

After the match, police made us waited inside of a narrow corridor and pushed us more and more. After waiting for a while, they allowed us to leave stadium one by one. We realized the reason behind that was to check the faces of fans and put us under arrest. Now, tens of our friends have taken into custody. Surprisingly, they are not in the sport bureau of police, but counter-terror branch. Against all rights according to the law, the members of Barikat has been faced with violence by the police. They have been charged with “traitor to the state, membership of terorist organisations”. Members of Barikat has always been sensitive about one fact: Supporting only football team Amedspor, no direct slogans that can be used for provocation.

This shows us the pressure of police will increase against us who follows hopes in peace in the country. We know that the police and the government were offended by the chant we sang during the game; “If kids weren’t be dying, they could come to games!”

Freedom for Barikat members! Freedom for Ultras!
– Vamos Bien – Fenerbahçe Ultras, Istanbul


Not a single day for german nazis!


As Ultrà Sankt Pauli we want to spread the appeal to demonstrate written by the antifascist alliance against the nazi demonstration in Hamburg. Here you can find the german version of this text.


Solidarity Action

For Saturday the 12th of September 2015, the Nazis, right-wing populists and right-wing hooligans, are planning a “ day of the German Patriots”, and are intending to mobilize nationwide in Hamburg. In doing so, they intend to tie in with the racist marches in recent months of HoGeSa and Pegida, and they also want to carry their racist and nationalist propoganda in the streets. But, we’re saying together with many anti-fascist forces: No Pasaran – You are not comming through!


What Stays Behind?

The organizers of the march are composed of individuals who previously tried their hand at a failed Pegida demonstration in Hamburg. Unlike then, they seem serious about it this time. As speakers inside the pro- NRW politician Dominic Roeseler, HoGeSa supporter Edwin Wagensveld, and the AFD politician Karina Weber have been identified by previous information.

As a central organizer and applicant, Thorsten de Vries has been active in the Nazi scene for about 20 years, and has good contacts in the red light districts. By 2007 de Vries was with Thomas Wulff and Jürgen Rieger sa part of the national executive of NPD Hamburg, before he was expelled from the party. It is inferred by Anti-fascist Action that he then ran together with Hamburg’s Torben Nazi store”East Coast Corner” in Rostock. Recently de Vries joined in the “Stammstisch Hamburg” as a participant in 2013. This was a networking meeting of local Nazis. In 2014 he was a speaker at the HoGeSa demonstration in Cologne, where he made an appearance.

Despite temporary disagreements between de Vries, the NPD, and parts of the commraderie, it can be assumed that Nazi parties and cross groups will participate in the parade. However, the majority of the participants are expected to be right-wing supporters, hooligans, and unorganized racists from all over Germany, as the organized Nazi scene in Hamburg is realatively weakly established.


I‚m no Nazi, but….

Whether we succeed against the deployment on September 12th, the bringing together of different right-wing organizations, such as Pegida demonstrations in other cities, remains to be seen. It is obvious that the organizers are set to team up for a new right-wing group, in addition to selection a speaker. The indicated motto was chosen out of the concept of patriotism; which doesn’t adhere to the Nazi image immediately, but they are deliberately trying to tie right-wing tendencies in parts of society and seek the political connectivity to forms of right-wing populism.

With Pegida and Co, which is composed of a mixture of reactionary citizens, right-wing populists and open neo-Nazis, a collective movement of the right has been made. They managed to do what HoGeSa failed at. With too much Nazi imagery and the blunt force that dominated the imagine, We see with Pegida there is a merger of right-wing forces. Although, even Pegida isn’t free from contradictions. Folkish-nationalist elements are meeting with a modernized national identity, That rather as a community of values and concepts is particularity promoted by the new right. Elsewhere for example, in the homophobic and sexist “Concerned Parents” demonstrations regularly sees Christian fundamentalists allowing new right-wingers and Nazis to showcase their patriarchal gender roles. Most protagonists see the conflict between fascist and right-wing populist views as quite tolerable. The area of overlap is too big. Regardless of how they define themselves, they clarify their positions, anchoring reactionary and racist attitudes in society that threaten to unload in various forms.

That very day in Freital, Tröglitz, or Meissen, open racism made a name for itself. It came to arson attacks on places accommodating refugees, and had a sort of right-wing/ Pegida feel to the commotion, and this is no coincidence. The right to take on civic debates in the politics and the media: the warning of “economic refugees”, the “rush” on the EU’s external borders and alleged, “abused of asylum”, which is often depicted in public as a threat to the national base and prosperity. Also the fear of Islam and the fantastical Islamification of Germany provide the primary ciphers for the alleged threat of migrants in total. The racist mob in the streets believe the unbureaucratic supposed “will of the people” expression, because those “up there” wouldn’t do anything about it anyway. Pegida, HoGeSa, the “No to the Home” initiatives, and the racist attacks succeeding against the background of political propaganda, extend well into the bourgeois camp, or this arises.


Of the alternatives of the conditions for the shift to the right in Europe

In the face of crisis, right-wing movements across Europe have formed: The Danish Folk Party in Denmark, UKIP in the UK, the FPÖ in Austria, the National Front in France, and the AFD in Germany are just a few examples. With unconcealed incitement against escaped Muslims or Gypsies, anti-EU rhetoric and nationalism is sold as a force against established policies, and are thus quite successful. They succeeded in capturing confused fears in sections of the population, and reinterpret nationalistic social conflicts. Everything is thus reinterpreted as a threat to “national interests”, and they submit to authoritarian and reactionary “solution offerings”. Because the conjured scenarios of the right-wing ideologies are totally unrealistic and absurd, usually there is little change in it’s social potency. They move the balance of power further to the right, and also help people perpetually despise their crisis and the legitimacy of the EU migration policy.

In Germany Pegida and AFD are the reactionary escalation of this prevailing discourse. For complex questions, they provide simple answers and biological or ethnicized class relations of bourgeois society. In any event, they exclude marginalized groups for social problems in which contemporary capitalism is responsible for. Instead of showing solidarity to improve the situation of all people, they distinguish themselves to secure “their own position”. The reactionary response to the perceived powerlessness and helplessness in capitalism, is the demand for exclusive state recognition and appreciation of their own group. This is nationalist, culturalist, or activity-related in reason. In a well substantiated exploitation, competition and power constraint society, fascist and right-wing forces brutalize the continuation of capitalist logic. The ruthless subjugation of anything and everything under the alleged constraints of the economy, makes this community so prone to authoritarian, racist, and social Darwinist positions.


International Solidarity Instead of Racism and Competition!

The Anti-fascist movement is asked today to intervene on several fronts at the same time. On the one hand we have the attempts of the new right-wing to build a mass movement to be stopped. The same is true for the establishment of a political force like the AFD. The discourse shifts further to the right, and increasingly becomes the parliamentary extension of the nationalist movements in the streets. Secondly, it is the prevailing policy, which is oriented to oppose and to support the struggles of fugitives for the right to stay, reasonable accommodation and to racist exclusion on the exploitation logic of capital. This also means a clear stand against the current war policy, to refer the militarization of the EU’s external borders and racially colored crisis discourse. With an internationalist practice, which refers to the political and social struggles here and elsewhere, to each other and cross-border solidarity exercises, the national narrowness can break.

The pogroms and arson attacks in recent months make it clear as well, that the defense of attacks by racist mobs remain an acute task of antifascist politics. But now the population in villages and towns in which the racist residents gather collectively to explain to a modern national community leads to an impasse. As understandable as this impulse against the German reality at this moment, there are also fatal political consequences. If we fail to come on site with progressive people in contact, build structures, and dig up emancipatory content right-wing demagogues, the water on the left, the chances of successes of antifascist actions remains limited.

In the long run, it is essential to get there again, where they are making moves, to dispute the various reactionary currents in the social and political space. Where the radical left is strong, we can ensure that nationalist and fascist trends do not arise in the first place. If we are active in the neighborhood, at work, at the football club, and have a presence in social struggles, we can escape right-wing ideologies in the long term. The construction of the left counter-power in all areas no only prevents further overturning of bourgeois society into reactionaries, it also pushes back the conditions under which people are Nazis and racists. But as long as we are not ready, it is necessary to prevent the consistent public appearance of Nazis, nationalists, and right-wing populists and other assholes.

Therefore we will arrange on 12.09 and block, interfere, and stop the march!

for more information, see the official blog: http://www.nichteinentag.tk/

Alertá Antifascista!

Ultrà Sankt Pauli – Alerta Network








Veronese bastardo

Today Hellas Verona played in the suburb of Hamburg. We let them know that they are not welcome. This is not oyur city  – Hamburg is brown and white! Ultrà Sankt Pauli
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