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Statement regarding events that took place prior to the match between 1.
FC Union Berlin and FC Sankt Pauli

On the 15th March 2013, fans of the belorusian side Partizan Minsk
attended the match between 1. FC Union Berlin and FC Sankt Pauli at the
Alten Försterei stadium. It was the first evening of a Germany-wide
friendship and solidarity tour for Partizan Minsk, which had been
organised by fan groups from Berlin, Hamburg, Babelsberg and Leipzig.
The guests from the Belorusian capital had just arrived in Berlin. Union
Berlin, in an act of kindness, had even provided free tickets for the
fans, so that they could attend the second division match. The visitors‘
and our own excitement was huge. After all we wanted to spend the
evening together, and what better way, than accompanied by a good game
of football? Unfortunately it did not work out this way.
On the way to the ground, Berlin residents mingled and chatted happily
with the visiting fans from Hamburg and Minsk. No segregation or an
escort for the group of fans was offered on their arrival at the
tramstop Köpenick. Nor would it have been necessary. The visitors were
in a relaxed mood, and despite the long journey, were looking forward
getting into the ground to enjoy the atmosphere. This changed only as
the visitors and some of the organisers of the friendship and solidarity
tour reached the ground.
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Save Omonia!

“We are pleading to fans and friends of our team across the globe to join forces in meeting the goal of 5 million and saving OMONOIA from financial disaster. We are proud of our team and our fans and we will keep fighting!”

The foundation of Athletic Club OMONIA Nicosia in 1948 was a great revolution that altered the course of history of sports in Cyprus. It marked the end of discrimination and persecution of athletes due to their political ideologies and has set the foundations for healthy sportsmanship. Because of that, OMONIA was refused membership by the Cyprus Football Association (CFA) and was forced to join an unofficial league amongst other persecuted clubs. However the momentum and glamour the team had gained was so tremendous that fans following the unofficial league far out-numbered the ones at the official one. By 1953 OMONIA’s popularity and success were so great that it imposed the unification of Cypriot football.
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Alerta Actionday against Homophobia!

Take a stand at the Actionday at April!

It’s a nause! Homophobic chants or abuse against opposition fans or players, or even the referee, seem to be creeping back into football grounds. This „normal behaviour“ on many terraces has and is preventing people from freely expressing & living their sexuality. In addition homophobic behaviour allows a way in for other forms of discrimination. At Sankt Pauli we work to counter sexist, homophobic or other forms of discrimination. As a result of this we have been following with great interest the Germany-wide campaign „Fußballfans gegen Homophobie“ (Football Fans against Homophobia). The organisation is also attempting to take the campaign to an international level and encourage other terraces & fans to fight homophobia within their own nunber. With that in mind, we wish to help motivate as many fans as possible to join the fight. As a result we would like to invite everyone to take part in the Alerta Actionday at April. There are plenty of ways to get involved e.g. Choreos, banners or organised events addressing this subject. This Actionday should be for everyone! We would therefore be delighted if groups that are currently not part of the Alerta Network would also take part!

Alerta!Ultrà Sankt Pauli

german »

Aufruf zu den Aktionstagen im April!

Es nervt! Schwulen- und Lesbenfeindliche Äußerungen gegen gegnerische Fans oder
Spieler_innen und auch die Schiedsrichter_innen gehören immer wieder mehr zur Tagesordnung in den Stadien. Diese Normalität in vielen Kurven verhindert seit Jahren, dass diese Menschen ihre Sexualität frei ausleben können. Zudem schafft homophobes Verhalten zusätzlichen Raum für Ausgrenzung und Diskriminierung. Bei Sankt Pauli versuchen wir sexistischen, homophoben und anderen diskriminierenden Äußerung direkt entgegen zu wirken. Mit Interesse verfolgten wir daher die Gründung und Entwicklung der deutschlandweiten Initiative „Fußballfans gegen Homophobie„. Die Initiative versucht auch international auf dieses wichtige Thema
aufmerksam zu machen und andere Kurven dazu zu motivieren sich gegen Homophobie in den eigenen Reihen zu engagieren. Hierbei wollen wir möglichst viele Fans motivieren sich ebenfalls gegen Homophobie zu engagieren. Deswegen rufen wir zu einem Alerta Actionday im April auf, in dessen Rahmen es viele Möglichkeiten gibt euch zu engagieren: Macht z.B. Choreos, malt Spruchbänder und organisiert Veranstaltungen zu
diesem Thema. Dieser Actionday soll offen sein für alle! Wir würden uns freuen wenn sich auch Gruppen, die bislang außerhalb des Alerta Netzwerkes aktiv sind, daran beteiligen!

Ultrà Sankt Pauli

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Provocan nauseas! Los Canticos Homófobos, las acciones contra hinchas o jugadores rivales, o como siempre contra el árbitro…parece que nos trasladan a viejos tiempos en los estadios de futbol. Este “comportamiento normal” en muchos estadios priva a mucha gente de expresar y vivir libremente su sexualidad, a la vez que la discriminación sexual conduce a otras formas de discriminaciones.
En Sankt Pauli trabajamos para eliminar todos estos prejuicios, sean sexuales, raciales, …
Con este fin hemos creado una campaña por toda Alemania llamada Fussballfans gegen Homophobie ( Hinchas de futbol contra la homofobia). La organización de la campaña trabaja para llevar a cabo esta campaña a nivel internacional i animar a otras hinchadas a unirse a dicho proyecto.
Con esto en mente deseamos haver ayudado a motivar a la gente para unirse a la lucha! E invitaros a todos a tomar parte del Dia de acción de Alerta, en abril.
Hay muchas formas de tomar parte, coros en las gradas, banderas con mensajes dirigidas al tema a tratar, …Este dia tendria que ser para todos! Y animar a estos grupos que aun no estan al corriente a que se animen a formar parte de esta acción!

Alerta USP!

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Appel pour les jours d’action en avril!

Ça nous emmerde! Nous sommes de plus en plus énervés par des injures sexistes qui se tournent aux footballeurs homosexuels ou qui s’adressent contre des supporters d’autres clubs de football. Ces remarques-là font malheureusement partie du séjour normale dans les stades de football. Cette normalité empêche depuis long temps beaucoup de gens de pouvoir vivre leur sexualité librement. En plus cette attitude homophobe produit encore plus de place à un climat discriminatoire général. Les supporters du FC St. Pauli essaysent de lutter directement contre ces dénonciations sexistes et homophobes. C’est pour ça qu’on observe très interessé l’établissement et le développement de l’initivative „supporters de football contre homophobie“ qui existe dans toute l’Allemagne. Cette initiative essaye d’attirer l’attention internationale sur ce sujet important et de motiver d’autres clubs de football à s’engager dans une façon ressemblante contre l’homophobie dans leurs propres stades. A cause de cette raison on fait appell au jour d’action d’Alerta en avril dont son cadre existe beaucoup de possibilités de s’engager: Par example vous pouvez faire des chorégraphies, des banderoles ou bien organiser des soirées informatives sur ce sujet-là ou inviter des experts qui racontent aux autres gents de leurs expériences personnelles (par exemple des footballeurs homosexuels etc.).
Le jour d’action d’Alerta doit être ourvert à tout le monde! Nous serons heureux si d’autres groupes, qui ne font pas encore partie du résau d’Alerta, s’y engagent activement.

Ultrà St. Pauli

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Appello ai giorni d’azione nel mese di aprile!

Ci scoccia! Commenti ostili nei confronti di gay e lesbiche contro giocatori e giocatrici ed arbitri/e fanno sempre più parte della quotidianità negli stadi. Questa normalità in molti angoli impedisce da anni che queste persone possono vivere liberamente la propria sessualità. Il comportamento omofobico crea in oltre spazio aggiuntivo per esclusione e discriminazione. A Sankt Pauli cerchiamo di contrastare direttamente dichiarazioni sessiste, omofobe e di altro genere discriminante. Per questo seguiamo con interesse la creazione e lo sviluppo dell’iniziativa „tifosi di calcio contro l’omofobia“. L’iniziativa cerca di suscitare l’interesse su questo tema importante anche a livello internazionale per sensibilizzare e motivare altre curve ad agire contro l’omofobia nelle proprie file. A questo punto vogliamo incoraggiare tifosi il più possibile per fare qualcosa contro l’omofobia. Pertanto chiamiamo all’appello per l’Alerta Actionday nel mese di aprile, in cui ci sono molti modi per adoperarsi: fate per esempio Coreografie, scrivete dei striscioni e organizzate eventi su questo argomento. Questo “Actionday” è aperto a tutti! Saremmo felici se anche gruppi che attualmente sono attivi al di fuori dell’Alerta Network si coinvolgesseroa! Alerta!

USP Alerta


Support the Partizan Friendship Tour 2013!

In Belarus there is a very special club. Until 2010 it was called MTZ-Ripo. The club gained international attention not so much by his sporting achievements, but also by the anti-racist commitment of its fans and an active anti-fascist fan culture that was and is unique in Eastern Europe. Today the name of the club is Partizan Minsk and it is a self-managed football club. The fans have re-established the club after the bankruptcy in early 2012. They were supported by an international solidarity campaign at the beginning of last year. In numerous actions fans from european countries drew attention to the situation of Partizan Minsk and collected money to save the club.
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Stoppt den blinden Hass!

Neonazis haben im Zentrum von Meran in der Ariston Galerie und teilweise auch in der Umgebung von Meran in der Nacht von Mittwoch auf Donnerstag Flugblätter mit rechtsextremen Inhalt angebracht.
Mit dem Titel „Die Demokratie führt zum Tod unseres Volkes“ leiten sie das Hass-schürende Flugblatt ein, das auf Türen von Wohnungsgebäuden, Geschäften und Büros angebracht wurde.
Im Text geht es um den Kampf gegen die Globalisierung und es wird zum Einwanderungsstop aufgerufen. Natürlich darf die Abschiebung der kriminellen Ausländer und der Nationalstolz nicht fehlen und so beenden sie den sehr poetischen Flyer mit “Damit die Nachwelt nicht vergisst, dass du ein brauner Idiot…ähh, ein Deutscher gewesen bist!”.
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